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What is counselling?

Counselling is a type of "talking therapy" which can help people with many difficulties in life.

“Nothing will change in your life if you don't do something different from what you've been doing.”

It is a confidential, professional service that takes place between two (or sometimes more) people in a safe, secure, environment.

It can be a unique type of relationship as the focus is on the issues that you as a client bring and the relationship that develops between you and the counsellor.

The counsellor is non directive, which means that you, as a client, lead the way and determine the direction of your counselling sessions. This can often be surprising, unexpected and I would encourage you to trust yourself to go with this and to be open to what it may bring.

Rather than offering advice, counselling can enable you to gain insight into your own issues and to find your own answers. By taking the time and space needed to explore your thoughts and feelings, you can shift, untangle or resolve issues that have been causing you difficulty. It can be an empowering experience and can help you to gain confidence and strength in your own capabilities.

Counsellors are trained to recognise each person as an individual, accepting the strengths and difficulties in a respectful, non-judgemental manner.

Counselling is a confidential process with very few exceptions to this rule. Exceptions will be discussed at initial sessions but include the sharing of the content of counselling sessions with a counselling supervisor( a professional requirement) and if it becomes clear that there is a serious risk to you or another. Breaching confidentiality is taken very seriously and every attempt would be made to avoid doing so.

As a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) I am committed to working within and am accountable to their ‘Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling’. A full copy of which can be found at:

Many people find counselling can be life changing and can create possibilities and opportunities for real change.

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